This week has been busy with packing and moving. As I sort through things and pack them away, memories come to mind. Twelve years in this house. Lots of memories. The picture on the left is of a chalkboard that has hung on our dining room wall. It started out as a place to write reminders, the grocery list and notes. It became so much more. It was like a magnet for the youth (& some adults) that entered our home. One day I wrote a friend's birth date that I wanted to remember. A couple of the youth from small group asked me about it and then asked if they could add their  birth dates. And soon we had well over a dozen names and dates and it kept growing. We currently have almost 40 names/dates listed. This represents a big part of our life for the last several years. The lives who have intersected with our lives. Some who have come and gone and some we've bonded with for life. As I look at this board, I know that God has used this home to not only be a place for Bible study & to hang out, but also as a refuge for some. I pray that as we are getting ready to follow the next path God's leading us on, that we have shown these youth (& adults) not only that we love them, but that Jesus loves them. And that they will share that love with those that intersect their paths ~ and on and on...



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