Hey! We are finally in the process of getting things rolling with this new website. Jeff has done a great job getting it going. For those of you who have read my blogs before, this is where you will find any future postings, as I will be not be posting to the old blog.
       So has the thought ever occured to you that in one way or another, everything is broken or in the process of breaking? I mean really. Name for me one thing in life that doesnt blow up, dry up, rust out, fall apart, burn up or get torn down, at least in some form or another.
      This realization has become even more clear to me in the last couple weeks. On top of having so many items on the to do list that I may have to get a three ring binder to keep up with the list, I started running. No, not for office, and not from my wife either. Running as in willingly making your body hurt. Even though I just turned 43, this is not a mid-life crisis thing either. I  have several reasons for doing this, none of which have anything to do with the point here, so I wont mention them. what I do want to touch on is this. The first day of "training", i thought I'd start out light, and just run an "easy" mile. Now mind you, I've always thought of myself as being in pretty decent physical shape, or at least good enough shape that I could handle a mile. As I neared the half mile mark, my lungs felt like they were going to explode through my chest, all the blood in my body rushed to my face, and I swear I could hear my heart pounding over the sound of Twelve Stones playing in my headphones. I was finished! I had to walk the rest of the mile, and even that took some determination. I was ashamed! How could this happen? I mean, when I was in junior high I could run a mile in like six minutes. Oh Yeah. That was thirty years ago. I guess things change.....or break down. 
       As I tried to regain first my breath, and then my dignity, some thoughts started floating through my mind. I started thinking about how it seems like everywhere you look in life, you can find things that are falling apart. The economy, world affairs, big businesses,and small mom 'n pop shops, and things like families and marriages, and yes, even our bodies. We see things everywhere that indicate that the world is in a constant state of decay.
      I thought maybe it was just a fluke and tried to run again the next day, and got a little further...like a couple hundred yards. I was frustrated. On top of that, there were some things that needed done around the house that only added to the frustration....A water leak around a couple of windows which required removing the siding on the house just to name one. Why does everything have to fall apart!
Why does everything seem to be going to hell?!
    And then I heard that still small voice. Do you know what it said? It was very simple. It said.... "that is why you need me".
     Thank you God, for giving us hope. Thank you for Jesus.
Yes, there is hope. Hope for something better to come, thats far better than this decaying world.
Oh and by the way. I just ran two miles tonight and felt pretty good!
In Christ



06/11/2010 23:51

Well I wish I had something better to say but tonight all I can muster is ... Oh Yeah!!! I drove like 10 times that tonight! So there!!! Yeah I know pretty lame, but I appreciated the simplicity of tonight's thought. It's nice to remember that for as much as we struggle with the effects of age, weight, general wear and tear and stress that because of our faith in Jesus we do get a do over. Remember those? When life was simpler and if you didn't hit the ball far enough or if you weren't satisfied with the results you got in something you or your friends could just shout "DO OVER!" and it was as if nothing had happened yet! Yeah - Heaven's gonna be cool!

06/12/2010 13:23

The closer I get to really falling apart, the nearer I am to Jesus and all he has to offer. However, I don't always remember that in the middle of things going to pot!


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